Network and Connect

Delegates will maximise networking and connection opportunities at Automotive Leaders Live in a relaxed environment to meet other attendees.

On the evening of the 11th June, delegates are invited to attend the private networking Summer Courtyard BBQ at Warwick Castle. The medieval castle developed from a wooden fort was originally built by William the Conqueror in 1068. With a Bespoke Birds of Prey experience and access to the Great Hall and State Dining Room, guests are able to enjoy a unique historical venue. Transport will be provided from and to the Scarman building at Warwick University which is the main accommodation source for delegates at the event.
The conference proper will take place on the 12th at The Slate at Warwick Conferences which is located within the 700 acres at the University of Warwick. The Slate offers a unique environment providing an exclusive, completely open, fluid space, with an impressive lakeside view with close proximity to great bedrooms in the Scarman building. 
Attendees are able to interact through the Automotive Leaders Live App which is your essential guide to the event, this includes the full agenda, delegate list, the ability to sign-up to knowledge hubs, and to vote and ask questions during the sessions, maximising involvement and gaining a fuller perspective from all attendees. The App also provides an opportunity to personally connect with other attendees prior to the event in order to arrange one-to-one meetings and establish new connections.

Join the industry leaders, imagine new possibilities and ask the questions that truly matter, at Automotive Leaders Live

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